Bookings Terms

Lutterworth Town Hall Booking Terms and Conditions of Letting

1.   Acceptance of Bookings is, at all times, subject to the discretion of the Trustees of the Lutterworth Town Hall Charity.

2.   All organisations wishing to use the Hall should make an application as directed on this website and displayed in the front of the Town Hall.

3.   The whole fee is payable at the time of booking, or one month in advance for regular bookings and monthly thereafter.

4.   The Trustees reserve the right to require a deposit to be paid by hirers towards the cost of damage or extra cleaning that may be required. In the event of there being no damage and no additional cleaning required, the deposit will be returned within seven days of the hiring. The requirement that this deposit be paid is entirely at the discretion of the Trustees.

5.   Any person or group hiring the Hall shall agree to indemnify the Trustees against any losses, damages, or costs arising from the hiring, caused by the Hirer.

6.   In advance of using the Town Hall, Hirers should complete a risk assessment to assess the risk of fire spread from their activities.

7.   In advance of using the Town Hall, Hirers should make themselves familiar with the “Accident Reporting Procedure” and the “Actions to be taken in the event of a Fire”, which are displayed on the notice board, and appoint a responsible person to act as Fire Warden in the event of a fire. 

8.   Hirers must ensure that any portable electrical equipment brought into the Town Hall has the necessary test certificate.

9.   Bookings should start and finish at the times stated on the Booking Form. All functions must normally cease by Midnight.

10. Any Hirer exceeding the times appearing on the Booking Form for the letting shall be subject to an excess charge of twice the hourly rate for each hour or part thereof.

11. Hirers using rooms not pre-booked by them will be charged accordingly. Hirers should note that the Reception Foyer area is not a room available for hire and access should be made available at all times for other users. This includes access to the Kitchen, Lift, Toilets and all Exits.

12. Any Person, Group, or Society may be asked to leave the Hall if it is felt that they are disrupting or disturbing other Users, the Public, or adjoining Occupiers.

13. Please Note: There is no license for the permitting of public singing and dancing. This does not preclude private events. Any hirer wishing to sell alcohol at their function must obtain the written authority of the Trustees and make the appropriate License application to the Licensing Authorities.

14. In the event of a cancellation, if the Hirer gives at least fourteen days’ notice to the Booking Agent, half the booking fee is refundable. No moneys will be refunded for cancellations with less than fourteen days’ notice, except at the discretion of the Trustees.

15. It is requested that furniture moved upstairs from downstairs or vice versa be returned to the original rooms for the convenience of other hirers.

16. Hirers are responsible for putting away all tables and chairs on the completion of their activities. Chairs must be stacked no more than five high, around the perimeter of the rooms.

17. Posters, Notices etc. Should not be attached to the walls. There are display boards available for this purpose.

18. Any spillage must be cleaned up immediately with a damp  (not wet) mop. Rooms and furniture should be left in a clean and tidy condition.

19. Hirers are responsible for the removal of all rubbish generated at their event.

20. Hirers using the Kitchen must ensure all equipment used is washed after use and returned to the cupboards. In the event of accidental breakages, a note giving details should be left in the Kitchen so that the Trustees can purchase replacements.

21. The Lutterworth Town Hall Charity operates a Smoking Policy. There is No Smoking allowed in the whole building.

22. All Fire Exits must be kept clear at all times.

23. The Town Hall is heated to a minimum temperature. Inserting (£1.00) coins in the appropriate meter can raise the heating. Full instructions are shown on the notice board.

24. In making a booking the Hirer agrees to accept the above Conditions For Letting.